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In this 4-picture combo Pippo, the tabby cat, has a close encounter with and is seen off by a pet rabbit while out strolling in Cassano D’Adda, on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, Wednesday, June 4 2008. Good for Pippo that rabbits do not climb fences. (AP Photo/Alberto Pellaschiar)


1. em - April 26, 2009

Pippo, who will surely not be remembered for his courage, but will remain in the hearth of those who knew him as a nice and affectionate cat, a poet-cat, has died, or as Cristina says “gone to Timbuctu”, following a long but painless illness. Those who enjoyed his adventures with the terrible bunny might want to write a couple of lines to the inconsolable aunt (owner, as it is use to say) at porcheria@hotmail.com. I will onpass. Thanks

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